Rescue Me


The feud between the Mornellis and the Garrisons over farming land has passed down three generations. The land in rural Minnesota which belonged to Catherine’s aunt and uncle was a favorite place to visit during her childhood. Now all grown up, Catherine is a veterinarian and takes in rescue animals, including horses.  She needs to speak to her aunt about transferring her horses to the old barn on her farm. While visiting, her aunt made sure to assist in rekindling the spark between Catherine and Josef, her high school boyfriend. Many surprises emerge while figuring out a way to remodel the barn for her horses, one being her connection with Joseph. They have many trials including a tornado that threatens them and the farm. Will they survive the storm and forgive each other for the initial break up and be able to love and live a life they were destined to have?

This sweet love story’s focus is on family and relationships. The bond between the families and long time, small town friends is very refreshing. Although parts of the story are somewhat predictable the steady pace of the plot is truly enjoyable. The ulterior motive that starts off the relationship is swayed by twists and turns of a tornado and trauma which makes for a moving tale of small town living and survival. Readers will make quick time of “Rescue Me”!

Julie Caicco