Reminding Me of You

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Mia Lacrosse is spending her last day before traveling abroad working at "Dream Giving", her friend's card and gift shop. Tired of her life in Gooding, Idaho, and disillusioned with the local guys, Mia has set Valentine's Day as a deadline for love to find her before she flies to London. Luke enters the shop looking for the perfect Valentine's Day card for the perfect woman just hours before the shop closes. It's love at first sight for Mia and although she doesn't cancel her working vacation, she can't get the tall good looking Luke out of her mind. Especially when Mia meets Bryn, Luke's possible identical twin, at her new job in London.


Kathy Bosman displays her imaginative plot with an innocent flair despite the questionably unbelievable details of the story. Mia is barely fleshed out in this short, leaving the supporting cast with little to play off - cast whose motives feel like a series of extensions to Mia rather than characters with unique personalities, goals and desires. Mia seems to have the depth and understanding of the world around her from a teen's perspective, rather than a young woman disillusioned by her first love and the experience of a twenty-four year old. Ms. Bosman shows a good deal of talent, yet this novel is in need of a bit more polishing to truly be a great read.

Erin Murdock