Remembering Zane

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Bonnie Reese has loved Zane ever since she was 10 years old and all the way through high school.  Unfortunately, he breaks up with her and their lives drift apart. She still holds the dream that one day, they will get back together – until she hears the devastating news that Zane has been killed in a car crash.  At the funeral she re-connects with Zane’s best friend, Jonathan Wood.  It just so happens that Jonathan has been in love with Bonnie since junior high so, needless to say, he’s very happy to see Bonnie.  Thus begins a story of how frustrating  and confusing love can be.  Will Bonnie ever be able to get over her devotion to Zane?  Will she ever see that right in front of her is not just a friend – but a man who is desperately in love with her?

This story is a modern romance filled with characters everyone can understand and relate to.  Jonathan is quick to misunderstand or be jealous and Bonnie is emotional yet very sweet and funny.  The story is quite short -  more a novella –  so it is a quick read.  That  point is the main complaint with the book.  Everything moved way too fast!  The plot needed more details about both of the characters and their history in order to really “buy in”  and invest in the journey and its outcome.  The book definitely leaves one wanting to know more about this cute couple and their sweet romance!

Lynne Coyer