Remembering Love

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Holly Christian is returning to the remote island of Pitcairn after many years.  Since being orphaned at age five, she has lived with a loving foster family in New Zealand with no memories of her young childhood or birth parents. Now she wants to know where she came from, and wants the truth about her parents.  Soon after stepping foot onto the lush island, she meets many of its few residents.  Most are curious and welcoming, others spiteful and secretive.  The most interesting native to Holly, however, is Jack, a man who claims to have been her best friend up until she suddenly left Pitcairn. There are carefully guarded secrets surrounding the tragedy of Holly's parent's death.  With Jack's help, she begins to painstakingly recover memories of her childhood.  Not all of these memories are good, and in fact some only create more questions.  But Jack is swiftly becoming a friend, and the chemistry between he and Holly is evident from their first  re-encounter.  

The author's love for her homeland is evident in every word of this story.  What's even better is how she lets her adoration show but also shines a light on how an extremely small community such as Pitcairn has some drawbacks; gossip, petty anger and jealousy, rationed power, and little access to modern convenience are a daily struggle. The story could have benefitted from much more detail about this intriguing setting, but this was altogether a sweet friends to lovers story with a bit of mystery on a remarkably romantic (and real) yet remote island.


Nicole Duke