The Reluctant Princess (The Charm City Hearts Book 1)


When Zara Kissette’s paintings are destroyed in a fire, she has to rush to get more pieces done for the art gallery contract that will boost her career. She is in desperate need of money for supplies, as well as the inspiration to paint again. She takes a job as a face painter to earn some money and unexpectedly meets her muse in the form of a divorced dad. Brandon Stewart is trying to keep everything stable and normal for his little girl. With his ex turning up whenever she feels like it, the last thing that Brandon wants is another relationship that could bring disappointment to his daughter if it doesn’t work out. His plan is thrown into disarray when a princess turns up to paint faces at his daughter’s birthday party. She is beautiful, and everything about her causes Brandon to rethink his "no relationship" rule.

"The Reluctant Princess" is a beautiful and relatable contemporary romance. The characters are well written, dynamic and deal with real life problems. There are many different aspects to the story; however, it tends to jump in different directions in places, which can be distracting. There are some very beautifully written intimate scenes that readers will love and is perfect for a rainy summer night. For fans of the genre, this is the perfect beginning to a series and it will be exciting to see where it goes from here.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick