Relatively Sane


CHICK-LIT:  Catriona Masterson is in the process of buying her parent’s farm so they can downsize. She plans to stage parties and receptions in the barn. The catch? The house and barn both need renovations. Her grand plan is to have the Renovation Brothers, Jeremy and Josh, of HHTV come out to do the work. She reasons it will get her a lot of free publicity and the renovation will be done properly. The one obstacle is her boyfriend, Sam Hawking, isn’t on board with this idea. Her family is enthusiastic about the prospect. Her family consists of a kilt-wearing father, an eccentric mom, a dress-wearing brother, and a grandmother who loves smutty highlander romance books. If she can just keep them out of the way during filming, nothing can go wrong. Or can it?

“Relatively Sane” is a rollickingly good, fun novel that leaves one laughing from the beginning till the end. Cat is the only “normal” one in an outrageous family, but she loves and accepts everyone as they are. Unfortunately, at times it is difficult to discern who is speaking. Jeremy’s behavior is not always consistent with his description. He is outgoing with Cat but brooding around Sam for no real reason. All of the characters, no matter how secondary they may be, have some depth and back story. There are plot twists galore in this sweet novel that are too insane to be imagined. There is a secondary story that is equally crazy that adds to the primary tale. The fun never stops in Ms. Dineen’s “Relatively Sane”.

Belinda Wilson