Relapse In Paradise (Long Shot Romance #2)


Emily Buzzly-Cobb finds herself on an open-ended Hawaiian vacation after the breakup of her three-year marriage. Boston Rondibett, hired by Emily’s sister to show her sites that are off the beaten path, picks her up at the airport. He comes highly recommended, but is only doing guide work to make ends meet  at The Canopy, a small soup kitchen and temporary residence for a few. Hani, co-owner and cook, is in desperate need of a new-used stove, which Boston procures using the money Emily's sister has sent to put her up at the Hilton. Alternatively, he puts Emily up at Kumu Pili without the owner's knowledge. It is off-season, after all.

There is much more to this story than a "long shot romance", just as there is more to Oahu. If the reader enjoys descriptive passages that are not overbearing, combined with conversations that are realistically imperfect, this author's writing style is worth experiencing. Though editing issues exist, they are rare. The reader will have no trouble sinking into this fast-paced story; laughing aloud along the way, and enjoying the depth of the characters. Boston's heart has the biggest effect on the story as a whole. Readers who enjoyed the previous book will recognize references to it, but this one can also, easily, stand alone.

Before readers know it, they will be as involved with this story as Boston is with The Canopy; unable to put it down and unwilling to forget the characters that live within its pages.

Heather R. Nielsen