The Redemption of Remy Lambert


A lot can change in ten years. As teenagers, Remy Lambert and Jennifer Morgan found love but were not ready to commit to one another or the daughter they brought into the world. Years later, Jennifer is now a school counselor, engaged to an ambitious assistant D.A. and sister to her daughter, Emily, who her parents adopted at birth. Remy is struggling to recover after a devastating injury during his time in the army left him scarred and blind in one eye. When a job training dogs brings him back to his hometown, he has the chance to reunite with Jennifer, but can they forgive and forget or will the secrets between them divide them forever?

A contemporary romance with tons of potential, Remy and Jennifer are complex characters and their romance is built slow and sweet, culminating in a happy ending readers will enjoy. However, much of the story is built up with no resolution. A great deal of emphasis is put on the truth about Emily’s birth and her illness with no conclusion. Further, the story takes a while to get going and has a tendency to repeat the circumstances around Remy going to live with his step grandmother more than necessary. Still, the romance is solid, and the side characters help push the conflict forward and create a fun story fans of second chance romance in particular might enjoy.

Sarah E Bradley