Redemption (Golden Beach #4)


Soon after meeting hunky firefighter Michael Oliver during a photo shoot with Virginia Coast firefighters, photographer Lena Shirakawa elopes in a spontaneous and heated moment in Vegas. Just when things are off to a good start and Lena's career is about to take off, Michaels ex reappears. The hope for a lasting marriage is still within their grasp, however. Believing love will prevail, they begin their rocky relationship, only to discover that the roller coaster ride is more than their hearts can handle.  

From the beginning this couple is a toxic combination. Both Michael and Lena have little appeal initially, yet Lena's grows and Michael's lessens. She is a woman in need of love, while he is arrogant and has way too much baggage which drags him down. Their romance is pretty hot and steamy but with so little time spent getting to know each other it feels like that is all they truly have. A large amount of swearing can deter some of the more sensitive readers but if one is not intimated by that, this is powerful and a dramatic romance. There is a lot of emotion that speaks volumes and is hard to ignore, even for the hardest of hearts.

Margaret Faria