Redeeming Rafe (The Brothers of Beauford Bend Book 4)

Alica Hunter

Rafe Beauford is the consummate cowboy. He jumps from city to city riding the meanest bulls and leaves a trail of satisfied "buckle bunnies" in his wake. That is, until he gets a phone call that puts a halt to his life and eventually his heart. With twin girls that he never knew existed in tow, Rafe heads home hoping to drop the girls off and escape back to the only life he knows - and to this point, the only one he has ever wanted. Abigail Whitman is at the end of her rope. When Rafe proposes a job caring for his twin girls with a huge pay raise and a place to live she gladly accepts, but with a few conditions. Will four weeks with his daughters lead Rafe back to the rodeo circuit or will he find a new purpose in life?


Alica Hunter Pace is the mastermind behind this wonderful tale of a cowboy on the run from his responsibilities and the woman who reigns him in. “Redeeming Rafe” is a creative story that is distinctive and has a cast of characters that are fun and will have readers connecting with them on a personal level. Life is not always what we want it to be and Ms. Pace has created a story that displays the downside to some of life’s choices, the ones that have a way of biting us back when we least expect it. Readers will be fascinated and will certainly appreciate the fourth book of “The Brothers of Beauford Bend” series. 

Mary-Nancy Smith