Red, White, and Screwed


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Glenda Nelson is a political strategist with a breaking scandal on her plate - her married Congressional candidate was recently caught having an affair. She now has to try to save the campaign while others are using the story for their own gain.  G


When Glenda meets handsome artist Chris Goodwich, he is first blip on her romance radar since she divorced her cheating ex-husband.  He couldn’t be more different than Glenda, with his easy-going manner and carefree look on life. The more time she spends with Chris, the more Glenda starts to think he might be worth the chance. With his help, and that of her family and friends, Glenda just might find her way back to love and happiness.


Fans of politics and romance will enjoy this sweet read by established author Holly Bush. If one isn’t a fan of politics, the author is talented enough to keep those readers interested; holding their attention so they wonder what will happen next. The way she brings the characters to life allows the reader to truly connect with them. This novel shows how, just as women everywhere do, Glenda deals with a hectic life - children, career, parents and relationships. It’s tough being a single mother, but Glenda digs down deep and finds her strength to make it all happen. The reader might feel like the ending of Glenda and Chris's story is somewhat incomplete.   ISome would consider the ending to be HEA, but the ending allows for the story to continue  if a series were contemplated. 


Heather Mcguire