Red Carpet Romance (Hollywood Hearts #2)

Jean C.

The car accident which claims the life of star sports coach, Joe Barnes, also injures his daughter Susanna. After she deals with her healing and sorrow she is in need of a job, and is hired as a nanny for a famous movie star, Quinn Roberts. Taking care of a five month old is the easy part - resisting Quinn’s charms prove to be much harder!  Just when she begins to let her defenses down the paparazzi get hold of the details and her life becomes front page news.  Still reeling from the media attention and the loss of her father, she is unsure if a life with Quinn is what she wants.

The attraction between Susanna and Quinn is instantly sparked from the very first encounter. This does not mean, however, that it is easy sailing. In fact, it becomes the opposite when distrust seems to be in the forefront of their feelings. Though Quinn is the typical Hollywood star, he does have more honorable qualities to him that shine through to both Susanna and the reader. Susanna is extremely guarded and it takes some time to warm to her. Though one feels more of her sadness than happiness, she is an honest character. Too much too fast and a hot and cold relationship between them causes the story to lose some of its appeal. There are a number of intriguing revelations that create a lot of interest, though, and steer the reader’s interest back along with a rather curious ending. An excellent vacation read!


Margaret Faria