For The Record (The Record Series #3)


“For The Record” by K.A. Linde is the third book in The Record Series and is the continuation of Brady Maxwell and Liz Dougherty’s story. As an up and coming Congressman, Brady Maxwell lives his life in front of a camera where ever he goes. Journalist student Liz Dougherty is desperately trying to stay behind the camera and nab the biggest stories she can in order to impress her new bosses in New York. But life has a different plan for Brady and Liz. Through all the paparazzi, the bitterness from friends/employees and the mixed messages from Brady, Liz is just trying to keep herself from going crazy. She didn’t dream of being in front of the camera but behind it. 

K.A. Linde has her fingers on the pulse that is politics and journalism. It is obvious that she did her homework on this book and was able to make some viable characters that one might find in any congressman or woman’s office on Capitol Hill. Unfortunately, the predictability of the characters and the story line might lead some readers to quit before they finish the entire book. Three and a half stars is nothing to sneeze at, but “For The Record”, has such incredible potential to be a best-seller. If only Ms. Linde can find a way to keep her surprises for the end of the book. If one is looking for a comfortable afternoon read, then you will enjoy “For The Record”. 

Mary-Nancy Smith