Off the Record


When Liz Dougherty attends a press event for her college newspaper, the last thing she expects is to gain the attention of the newest rising star in politics. When Brady Maxwell, III later makes it clear that he wants her... but he wants to win this election even more...Liz is okay with that.  Against her better judgment, she agrees to an affair of a lifetime, a sexy, secret affair that rules her summer.  What she doesn't expect is how much her emotions will become involved, or how being second best to an election will make her feel less than worthy. As the primary gains momentum, so does their relationship.  But Liz begins to wonder if she will ever play a public part in Brady's life, and she starts to think she'd be better off settling for a less passionate yet more long term love affair with someone different.

What initially started as a sort of opposites attract, reporter/politician romance turned out to be a very well put together tale of forbidden love. Brady is extremely single-minded and focused on his career, but his fascination with Liz is nothing short of a beautiful trainwreck.  Liz's position is a little bit heartbreaking and yet understandable as well.  Neither is willing to jeopardize their careers, and that gives a very plausible reason for the amount of angst in this story.  The pacing is steady, the characters easy to relate to, and the romance definitely on the sexy side! This is New Adult romance for the more mature contemporary readers who want to give the burgeoning sub-genre a shot.

Nicole Duke