Reconciled (Tattered Series Book 2)


Kaycee has moved to New York as a member of the Art Forgery and Theft CID. She's trying to put her past behind her, including Mason Malone. Kaycee is working with Englishman Alex Halaway who is sexy as sin and could have any woman doing his bidding with his accent alone. The two become close and Kaycee is finally at a point where she is getting over Mason, when he shows up and brings all those feelings she thought she had suppressed. When she's placed in danger, Mason fights to save her and prove that he's the one for her. Can he convince her that they're meant to be together?

On the edge of your seat, is how this book will leave readers, with the story of two very thrilling and sensual characters brought back together. This is an exciting read with fast-paced action and some very passionate and hot scenes. K.C. Rice also assists with pronunciation of places which is something not many others do but it works. What took away from the book was the language used and the POV tense which was unusual and not common in third person POV. Even so, this is a promising series with gripping storylines and good characters. "Reconciled" will have readers devouring it in one sitting. 

Lynn-Alexandra McKendrick