A Reckless Heart – Scarred Hearts, Book 1


Meg, a former media darling, moves from the west coast and rents a cottage off the coast of Maine to start a new life. After a devastating fire kills Simon’s parents, destroys his home, and leaves him scarred, he becomes a recluse working from home and renting a small cottage on his estate. When a stormy night causes a tree to damage Meg's rental, their friendship quickly escalates into a love affair. Simon slowly starts to venture back into the world when the secrets from Meg’s past cause him to feel betrayed. Unable to disclose her full story Meg is left with no choice but to accept his wish for her to vacate her rental and his life. Will Simon see past tabloid headlines and recognize there is more to her story? Will Meg trust his love is enough to overcome the obstacles in her life and set her free?

"A Reckless Heart" is a love story about two lonely people needing one another to reevaluate their place in the world. With love scenes that are tastefully tactile, their scorching chemistry blazes off the page and burns with an unquenchable fire. Even though hints are dropped throughout the story, the slow build up revealing Meg's secret is a little anti-climatic. The few interactions with supplemental characters are integral to moving the story line along. Readers will find the descriptive details of small town living very enjoyable and relatable. Readers will sympathize with Simon's reluctance to re-enter the world and Meg's desire to make her own way free from other's judgment. Jennifer Wilck delivers a modern day romance filled with secrets, self-discovery, and sexy entanglements.

Tonya Mathenia