Recalculating Route


Marsha is a widow and a retired home economics teacher, who still enjoys sewing, cooking and spending time in the kitchen teaching others. Her good friend Rebecca introduces her to her ex-husband, Ben, who’s currently on a road trip and stops in Sedona, Arizona for a quick visit. Ben is intrigued by Marsha and invites her to come along on his road trip to the west coast. Torn, and still missing her husband, she decides to take a leap of faith and join him on the road. Purely platonic and as friends they have an enjoyable three-month adventure and get to know each other very well. All the cards are on the table and these experienced adults now have to convince their adult children they know what they are getting into. Is it too late for love or will they take the leap of faith they deserve in a loving relationship?


Ms. Carpenter is such a detailed writer! Each scene and character is described in such great length that a true visual is painted for readers. About mid-book, the story starts to move more slowly and perhaps some details could be left out, to help keep the pace and the story moving. The characters were abundant, however fairly easy to track with consistent interaction among the main players. Marsha's 30-year marriage and Ben's six divorces portray two opposites in relationship histories. When they conquer fears and find middle ground to build a loving and lasting romance, readers will find comfort in their compassion and a compromise that Ms. Carpenter has beautifully presented. 


Julie Caicco