The Rebound Pact


After the split with her fiancée, Gabrielle Dane definitely needs a break from men - so she really isn't that ecstatic when she runs into Holden Bellamy, her brother's best friend and the man she mistakenly slept with six years ago (it was really dark, really). He is recovering from a bad breakup as well, so she is surprised when he offers her a deal: to be each other's rebound with no messy emotions involved. Of course, things do get a little messy when he offers her the job as chef at his bistro, but they can separate business from pleasure. Really...


This is a sexy story of two people who really should know better than to get involved, but honestly don't see all the dangers in doing so. Oh, those wicked emotions! Both Gabrielle and Holden are wary of relationships, let alone love, but resisting will prove to be impossible. The backdrop of Holden's vineyard and bistro is interesting, so much so that more details would be welcome.  Gabrielle's family is great, especially her brother Max (although he took the protective act a bit too far), whose story will hopefully be told. The thing that is missing is the reality of the relationship, or more precisely the emotions in it - while the physical part of the relationship was present, the emotional was weak and therefore simply not that believable. Nevertheless, it's still a satisfying read with sparks galore!

Ana Smith