Rebound (Northbrook Hockey Elite Book 3)

Sophia Summers, Rebecca Connolly,
Heather B. Moore

When Rocco de Luca and his family move to Star Valley, Wyoming, to be close to Rocco’s hockey team, the Steers, it’s a move that will affect everyone. Summer Davis, the town librarian, likes hockey just like the rest of her family. When Summer meets Rocco at a home soccer game, she is happy to play against him and win. After meeting Rocco, the renowned right wingman of the team, she can’t help but be interested in the guy. As Summer gets to know Rocco, attraction builds, but Summer worries that Rocco could never fall for a small-town girl like her. Can the town librarian and a famous hockey player find love, or is the relationship doomed before it’s even begun?

This might be a sports romance filled with numerous hockey references, but it’s easy for the non-sporty to understand. The book has a deep sense of family bonding and a strong storyline that pretty much stays on track without straying. However, there are a few plot twists which never get resolved, and the ending feels a little rushed though otherwise is satisfying. Because the book is the third in the series, the previous relationships of minor characters can be a little confusing, but this somehow doesn’t hinder the story at all, rather enhances it instead. Rocco the gorgeous Italian hockey star is captivating and charming which makes him very hard to resist. While Summer, the down-to-earth hometown girl, is easy to like. This book will have readers loving hockey and laughing out loud at the crazy family antics!  

Roslynn Ernst