Ready or Knot: A Sweet Small Town Romance (Heart Valley Romance Book 3)

Jennifer McMurrain

Cole Patterson knows he has to plan his sister’s wedding, whether he wants to or not. She told him months ago, but he was sure it would be easier to handle after the holidays. Now Valentine’s Day is two weeks away, and the event planner has said no to his pleas for help. Fiona Williams knows she can’t possibly take on the wedding because she’s also planning the town’s Valentine’s Dance, which happens the day before. With much begging from Cindy, Cole’s famous sister, however, Fiona is convinced to help Cole. Soon they notice their own spark of romance. Their lovelight is dimmed by their mutual dislike for Cindy’s fiancé, who denies wanting any part of the planning, but swoops in and makes changes without apology.

This book pulls readers in from the beginning with a bull-riding cowboy browsing uncomfortably in a floral, feminine wedding planner’s office. Cole and Fiona both have tragic love stories in their past. Working together on his sister’s wedding plans seems to cement the fact that they should avoid falling in love again—an aim difficult to go for when constantly discussing a wedding. Readers will enjoy the bit of suspense with this romance that builds slowly as questions continue to arise about Cindy’s fiancé. The author does a good job of giving the romance an edge with this bit of mystery. There’s a bit of humor too, like when the author speaks of a love that “shoots glitter and farts rainbows.” Lovers of romance will adore this story.

Leah Neale