Read Between the Stars


Kasey and her daughter, Luna, are super excited to be bridesmaids in her brother Matt and his fiancée, Melanie’s wedding. Ben and Melanie became friends in Bali when Melanie was hiding to help protect Matt, Kasey, and his band Turn it Up. Their relationship was always just friends. Ben makes his grand entrance mid-ceremony, but in his defense, he flew in from Bali. He’s stoic, closed off and a total grump. His attraction to Kasey is unexpected, yet pleasant. Kasey is leery after being so hurt by men in her life, and is scared to hope that Ben will be different. Can they both move on from their past hurts and create a future, together?

With raw emotions on every page, Ms. Parker takes readers through all the feels in "Read Between the Stars"! The shooting star theme travels through the entire plot and is cleverly done. The second chance at love after loss is the trope that weaves throughout this tale. Much healing for both Ben and Kasey is portrayed, along with trust being built, hurt, humility, and addiction. As secondary characters from the Turn it Up series, this can stand alone, however there is a continuation of characters and stories so one should read them all. Full of love, loss, and shooting stars, Ms. Parker's poignant tale will have the reader both reaching for the tissues and smiling as two hurting hearts finally find their happily ever after. Luna is the sweetest child, and readers will love her spunk, clarity and compassion. Bravo, Ms. Parker, “Read Between the Stars” is a beautiful gift, wrapped in the form of a book.

Viola Robbins