Kennie Sue Ledbetter won the grand prize from Honest Dub’s used cars in her home town of Tahoka Springs, Texas - an all-expense paid trip to Reno, Nevada!  When Kennie arrives, though, there are no reservations for her.  Unable to afford the hotel room, she heads back to the airport. This is not how she had imagined her vacation!  While waiting 11 hours for the next available flight to get her home, she is approached by two men clad in tuxedos and looking way out of her league. Their genuine kindness and an invitation to a nice dinner and show is all she needs to change her scenery. An unbelievable list of happenings occurs and Kennie wonders if its fate, luck or possibly love at first sight? 


Burroughs keeps readers on their toes with this one. The steady flow of calamities through this tale is comical. The characters are a ton of fun and keep the seriousness of situations lighthearted. The way the story is told from both male and female perspective is insightful. Alex is kept very mysterious throughout, but is uncovered in the conclusion.  The plot is a bit predictable at times and the fantasy date that begins the relationship is a common theme but it keeps the romance flowing steady. Readers will enjoy the spirit of the adventure of love in the late eighties, when folks had to wait by the ’landline’ phone to communicate and played dominos on a summer afternoon! 

Julie Caicco