Rag Lady


A future journalism grad student, Holly Schlivnik gets sidetracked by a family emergency and sucked into the family business of being a ladies’ apparel sales rep with her father, Mike. She and her father work hard together and expand the territory with a rebranding as Daddy N’ Me. Holly speaks her mind, and along the way becomes a marketing genius while facing much society turmoil in the Deep South. She and her father outsell everyone else for the new swimsuit line and start working exclusively with Ditzy swimsuits. Will Holly be able to get ahead or wind up stuck as a secretary? Will she end up a grand success and swim, or fail and sink into the depths of the water? 

Holly is a strong female character in a true coming of age story. Life lessons are only learned by living in this warm-hearted tale. The interaction between Holly and her nana is priceless, and everyone needs a nana like that to teach them how to drive, how to care, how to swear… and how to live life to the fullest. Lovable and well written characters draw a picture and make the reader feel like a part of the story. Along the way, Holly learns acceptance and how not to judge a book by its cover, and how to make fun of herself as well with the characters Jody and Cora Lee. Laughter, heartache, tears, surprise, and more flow through the pages in this coming-of-age story for Holly, as she not only finds herself, acceptance of others, and success as well. Glass ceilings are made to be broken in this story.

Amy Rubottom