Radio Gaga

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Chloe Lark has a dream that one day she will be a celebrity. Nothing too big, she would  be pleased with more people listening to her on the radio. After a disastrous attempt at abseiling (rappelling), it seems her wish could be coming true. As the cherry on top of the cake, her new hunky neighbor Ben is interested in her. Ben isn’t too pleased with Chloe’s newfound popularity – he knows it’s bad sides, but he can’t simply forget her and move on. For a while it seems everything is going well, until unfortunately Chloe learns her lesson about the darker side of fame.

A humorous story about a girl who tries to take the thorny path to fame. Chloe is a likeable heroine, although at times too ditzy. Ben, who makes for a good hero, has been taught a tough lesson by life, but he is unable to resist Chloe, even though she strives towards something he despises. Their relationship makes for a solid core of the book. Unfortunately, there is one thing that marks all of the characters – they appear one-dimensional. While the reader sees the events as they occur, the character’s emotions are never really clear, except when they are told explicitly. It makes it hard to identify with them, and that makes for a not-so-smooth read. Nevertheless, Radio Gaga is a cute story, filled with funny situations that will make the reader laugh and sympathize with Chloe at the same time!


Ana Smith