Rachel: A Second Chance Romance


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Three 80+-year-old women travel to Las Vegas for a bachelorette party to celebrate the upcoming nuptials for one of the three.  They wear matching clothes, tiaras, and sashes.  There are two additional women in their party:  a mother and daughter who are related to one of the women, and who are there to keep the octogenarians ‘in line.’  While one of the younger women is checking them into their hotel, they spy a man cheating at cards in the casino, and rush over to call attention to him and hopefully get him arrested.  Dante Landry is that man, and he grew up in Cane, Louisiana.  Rachel Bienvenu, her mother Ruby, her Aunt ‘Tante’ Izzy, and the other older women are also from Cane.   Dante touched Rachel’s heart years earlier by the way he picked up a filthy, stray dog and cared for it, and then later gave her a kiss in a cane field.  Then he left Louisiana permanently.

This story is filled with zany situations and crazy characters.  There are some stereotypical bad guys, numerous action scenes, and some atypical behavior attributed to women who are all over 80. Some of it was easy to imagine, while other parts were harder to believe.  This story was fast-paced with rare slow times. A few misunderstandings eventually are sorted out.  These are intelligent, street-smart women, yet some of the dialogue is written, of necessity, in a way that makes them sound unintelligent.  Nevertheless, the story is filled with strong women who aren’t afraid to fight for what they believe, and who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is!

Carey Sullivan