Quintal's Return


Kate and Jen Quintal are delighted by the opportunity to run a new hotel on Pitcairn Island, where their family originated.  It's an amazing job!  True, Kate didn't have an auspicious beginning - she almost fell in the ocean and then got yelled at by this big, burly, handsome captain named Bryce. It couldn't have bothered him much, though, now he wants to date her.  And she isn't resistant to the idea either. However, there are some weird and alarming things going on, and Kate will need to figure out what's happening, and fast, before a tragedy occurs.


An engaging love story set on a beautiful island in the Pacific. Kate and Bryce make for a lovely couple, and while she was a good character, Bryce really was great. There was a bit of jumping to conclusions and saying hurtful things, but they managed to (mostly) make up for it. What the book is missing is more attention shown to the actual emotions of the couple - it simply doesn’t succeed convincing the reader they are real. Then again, a bit too much of the focus was on the person causing the trouble, although it did tie in to the story, it wasn't engaging enough to make it necessary. Nevertheless, it's still a compelling story with a truly enchanting setting!

Ana Smith