The Queen of Second Chances

D. M.

Carrway (Carra) Quinn has dreams of becoming a writer, however until she makes her big break she needs a steady income. Her stepmother is a local real estate agent and has a devious plan that includes Carra working as a recreational aide at a local senior day care facility. She is to learn about the elders and their homes and talk them into listing and selling with her stepmother. As Carra spends more time with the seniors she enjoys it and is keen when issues arise that need attention. When she listens to them about what they would like to do, she ruffles feathers with her boss and a suggestion of Memoir writing so they can pass stories onto their families, also creates strife. Can Carra keep her job or is more trouble looming?

D.M. Barr has a quirky senior tale that many readers will get a kick out of and totally relate one or more family members to while reading. Although this book got off to a bit of a slow start it makes up for it in character development. The plot has a few twists and turns and shows what a great character and how much heart Carra has for mankind, young and old. There is a bit of romance by young and old respectively, however this is a clean tale with steam left to the reader’s imagination. Readers may have the plot twist figured out before reading the words. Good news reveals that the good guys usually win and what one may think is best… may not always turn out to be true.

Viola Robbins