Reviews - Contemporary

Manon DuPre is desperate to get away from her stalker ex. When Danny Sherwood, an Arizona Highway trooper, pulls her over for speeding, she’s certain her ex will catch up any minute. Danny grew up to be a protector and his instincts scream that Manon needs help.

Ellie Dubois is in hiding. With Jane, a Witness Protection agent, as a roommate and best friend, Ellie thinks that maybe after four years she can try to live her life to the fullest.

“Ji Feng: The Wind That Brings These Rains” a non-fiction account of one American G.I’s thoughts and experiences in China.

In the Mirror

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Jennifer Benson should have had all the time in the world:  with a successful business, perfect family, and plenty of friends, death should not have been something to worry about.

Promises (Drifters #2)

Warning: While sexual content is non descriptive, this book contains scenes of sexual violence.