Reviews - Contemporary

A Year with Geno

Caroline Taylor desperately wants to provide a stable home for her two young sons after her divorce. Unfortunately, an eviction notice sends her scrambling to find a new place to live with few options.

One More Second Chance

As Lobster Cove’s high school principal, Julia Stewart juggles community moral controversies and a sour-grapes co-worker.

Rebecca Sheehan is taking a temporary refuge from her life in South Boston by secretly visiting her brother in Jackson, Wyoming. When the opportunity arises to take a job on a horse ranch, she jumps at the chance to become a wrangler.

Christmas Miracle

Sam has not wanted anything to do with Christmas since she lost her family on Christmas Day ten years ago. When Janie asks her to babysit five-year-old Shannon, she reluctantly agrees. A visit to the mall Santa is in the cards. On the upside, Sam has recently inherited a cabin. This is lucky timing.

The Man I Love

Erik Fiskare is the son of a builder and a piano teacher. His teachers guide him into theater in high school, where he thrives.  From there, he minors in theater in college and meets Daisy, a dancer and the love of his life.