Purr-Fect Pitch


Katherine Grant is fiercely independent and has had to rely on the generosity of other people after her parents died. Her dream is to become a singer and attend the exclusive Perdies College of Music on her own terms. Devlin Jones is the owner of Perdies College of Music and is awakened by a knock from his daughter. He has a hangover and Kat is dressed as a kitten at his door. His brother had hired her to be a singing telegraph dressed as a cat for his birthday. Devlin is caught off guard by her beautiful voice and sets out to learn who she is after she leaves.

“Purr-Fect Pitch” is a feel good and entertaining love story that  leaves the reader wanting more. The story is filled with music, the power of love and cats. The characters are strong, well defined and written, especially Kat. The reader will relate to how Kat is feeling and her struggles to be who she is. She is tough and does not want any handouts. Devlin wants to encourage her talent and help her any way he can but never thought he would fall in love with her. The reader will enjoy watching Kat and Devlin sneak around at the school and being caught in awkward situations. One will relate to Kat’s feelings and her past. She must do everything on her own. Devlin knows talent when he hears it but must tread carefully with Kat or he could lose her forever.

Victoria Zumbrum