Pumpkin Everything


Amy Fox left Autumnboro, New Hampshire, straight out of high school with no intention of ever going back — that is, until her grandfather goes and literally drives into a Dunkin’ Donuts.  Now she finds herself not only having to face all those in the town she fictionalized in her horror novels, but also her childhood best friend Kit.  In the midst of everything pumpkin-spiced, Amy must find a way to help her grandfather from being placed in an assisted living facility and to save her family home.  Amy thinks she has it all figured out, but what she doesn’t bargain for is the rekindling of an old flame and a future she didn’t think possible.

“Pumpkin Everything” has all one could want in a fall and holiday read — an amazing quirky small town, a mix of fun characters, a sweet romance and of course all things pumpkin.  The atmosphere and heart Ms. Labonte builds into this book will keep readers cuddled under their blanket reading until the final page.  Amy is a great leading lady; when readers discover how relatable she is they will want to see get her happy ending.  Issues arise when conflict comes between Kit and Amy out of nowhere with little explanation, and the finale resolves just a little too easily.  Even with these few hiccups, the overall experience is enjoyable, and readers will want to pick this book up every autumn!

Amy Cefoldo