The Publicist


Kate Mitchell’s job is books!  A publicist for a very successful New York agency, Kate is talented, smart and determined to change the “old boys club” of publishing.  That is, if she can keep her mind on the job and off the handsome - but married - editor she works with.  He is funny, charming, considerate - and he wants Kate.  

Although Mac is known for a multitude of liaisons, Kate thinks she can handle an affair with a married man.  But as her feelings turn to love and he steadfastly insists that he will never divorce his wife, she realizes her heart may be in for a battering.  Then comes Nick, the surfer-handsome nephew of an old friend, who seems more than interested in starting a relationship with Kate, with one drawback.  He lives on the west coast.  So how does one determined publicist conquer the world and hold on to her heart at the same time?


This story has a promising start and is written deftly and compassionately.  It doesn’t sugar-coat the problems, nor immortalize the fantasy.  The work side of Kate’s life is interesting, although somewhat choppy. However, the main topic of the book - the heroine knowingly engaging in an illicit love affair with a married man and it’s challenges - make it hard to empathize and like her, even as one feels for her situation.  Nick’s character held so little page space that the “triangle” was virtually non-existent.  With the exception of the abrupt chapter switches that made no sense, the writing was very well done. Beware, though, the ending is a complete cliffhanger, with all threads left dangling. Thus, for readers searching for answers, the second book will be a must!


TJ Mackay