Protecting the Princess (Summer Creek Book 3)


Poppy Granville, one of Briden’s princesses, yearns for a life full of freedom and away from the beautiful, yet dull, life of her family’s castle. She leaves Briden, a small country in Europe, to study in New York. Once her studies in the US are over, she decides to come up with a plan to ditch her personal guard and get the full taste of free-spirited life in Eastern Oregon. However, things take a different turn when she finds herself badly injured during a hike she had taken all by herself. Parker Princeton, an experienced tour guide and die-hard outdoorsman, is out with his loyal canine, Diesel, when Diesel comes across the injured princess. Poppy has to brace herself for the unexpected turn of events that follow. 

With a strong-willed lead female character and an unlikely prince, “Protecting the Princess” takes the reader on a beauteous adventure full of laughter, some crazy good moments, a little deception, and a good mix of luxury and the not-so-fancy but fun life in a lovely countryside. Readers will be in awe of how the two worlds weave together to produce a seamless storyline. Although the storyline of a princess switching places with someone else is not entirely unique, it is nicely masked by the protagonist’s ability to genuinely keep the reader interested in her life. In this character-driven novel, the reader will definitely enjoy the time spent with every character, as they are all well-developed and very entertaining.  

JM Lareen