Protecting Her Heart: Rebecca (The Wishful Hearts Collection, Book 3)

River Ford

A wish made at a teenage slumber party becomes a motto for Rebecca Watson. She cannot give her heart to one who readily puts himself in danger. The daughter of wealthy parents, Rebecca has missed one essential element of childhood—love. Now Rebecca’s dream is to provide a safe place for teens in a rough Chicago neighborhood to meet, study, and play sports. When she meets Officer Danger, a.k.a. Sean Thompson, there is attraction, but Rebecca refuses to accept it because of his hazardous job. Rebecca finds herself in trouble when she confronts the local gang leader Dreads. He is intent on destroying her dream, but Rebecca doesn’t give in. She has her plans and nothing will stop her from helping the kids.

Growing up with wealthy, disinterested parents left her feeling empty and unloved. Finding love includes a safe husband who puts family first. She fulfills one dream when she builds a youth center for at-risk kids in Chicago. Sean steps in as a neighborhood police officer and community volunteer, very friendly and handsome. Rebecca has no interest in the officer even though he is not shy about his feelings. But he is always in danger. He keeps reminding Rebecca he’s trained to face scary situations, but she won’t budge. Rebecca puts the kids first, even when facing the ruthless Dreads. Danger is the name of the game, but is Sean really the one in the risky situation? "Protecting Her Heart: Rebecca" is the perfect blend of opposites attract, making for a thoroughly delightful read!

Leah Neale