To Professor with Love (Forbidden Men #2)


Young, beautiful Aspen Kavanagh harbors a genius IQ. Her mind may be in the top ten percentile, but her heart beats irrationally when Noel Gamble, the college football hero, enters her literature class. Noel is on a scholarship and needs good grades. When he’s given a failing mark by the prudish Professor Kavanagh, he takes great offense. He tried his hardest, but the lousy mark isn’t really the problem. His deer-in-the-headlights attraction to his professor is. 


Age is just a number. A suit and a profession can be deceiving. A quarterback’s T-shirt and tight-end does not always describe the man inside. This is one highly recommended novel! Gripping. Gut-wrenching. Engaging. Ms. Kage knows how to squeeze the coil of tension. Aspen and Noel are extraordinary characters with believable temptations that are hard to resist. The plot may be recognizable with the teacher and student taboo formula, but the backstory of both characters has the reader cheering for their future. If there was an option for nine and half stars, this story would receive that rating - with one glaring issue. Many times the hero thought and even spoke like a woman. Regardless, Noel is irresistible.  


The spirit, vitality and humorous moments in this one-of-kind novel grips the New Adult genre by the tail. Aspen and Noel have a lot to lose if they break the rules, but one of them will make the ultimate sacrifice for the other in this “can’t-put-this-book-down” love affair. Outstanding, Ms. Kage!


Natasza Waters