Pride (Sins of the Father, Book 3)


Breaking News: Xander Turner is out of his family’s business and available to help Madison Welch with her floundering PR agency. Xander has always made Madison swoon, but she wasn’t on his radar when they were in school. When Madison proposes Xander join her agency to help save her company, she’s surprised he accepts her offer. He’s got the looks and savvy to bring her more business… and he brings a new outlook to Madison’s life. When the paparazzi take notice of their relationship, Madison doesn’t mind the increased press at first. After all, all press is good press, right?

Readers will find this to be a good story, but a lot of references are made to things that happened before this one takes place. One could read the story as a standalone, but it will make more sense and keep one immersed in the tale if one reads them in order. Xander and Madison are a fun couple, and readers will love the way Xander helps Madison come out of her shell. The scar on her face has kept her hidden, and it is lovely to watch her be set free. Xander’s own issues with not being his authentic self, thanks to his father, are also helped by Madison as she encourages and praises him for his creativity in his work. What readers might like most about their story is while Xander is a Beautiful Person, Madison isn’t classified as such, yet they still fall in love. Of course, this can happen in real life, but it’s not often that it happens in fictional life. It’s a breath of fresh air and a nice change from the usual romance books.

Heather McCoubrey