Pride, Prejudice, and the Perfect Match


Beth Ann is determined to find “the” man, so she applies to an online website for her perfect match. In just a matter of minutes fifty men appear sharing similar interests, yet what they don't know is that Beth Ann is pretending to be someone else.  A graduate student, she is using this service to study sex-role stereotypes. She finally makes contact with the perfect subject. What she doesn’t know is that this handsome man is using a disguise as well. 

Dr. William Darcy wants to open his own clinic and his wealthy cousin has offered to give him one million dollars if he follows a particular plan in finding a lady. Although both are using deceptive motives, their communication progresses until each feel there is something deeper to their relationship that needs to be explored.  As they learn the truth about each other, will that truth kill the love that has just begun?


This is a beautifully written book!  Author Marilyn Bryant takes the very modern day subject of internet dating and explores the possibilities and downfalls, all while giving great hope and clarity to the ideal of “the perfect match”.  The wonderful moral shines through the when true love is found, it can move mountains of difficulties and issues.  This is a fine read for anyone who believes love really can conquer all and happy ending are still possible!


Darin Godby