Pride and Pancakes – Happily Ever Austen, Book 1


Beth Cho, an entertainment reporter, is assigned to do a comeback article on the elusive singer/songwriter Tristan Harty.  She meets up with him and his agent at a cabin in Vermont where he is involved with a photo shoot. The two are instantly caught up in mutual antagonistic feelings towards each other, making the interview process a bit difficult.  Then Mother Nature throws a blizzard in their path, trapping them in the cabin. A stormy attraction between the two captives slowly builds to a crescendo of passion. They are both left to wonder if their blossoming feelings for each other will melt after they are rescued, and will they be strong enough to embrace the duet fate has written just for them?

“Pride and Pancakes” is a sweet sexy heartstring puller of a romantic tale just perfect for lazy afternoon in a reader’s nook.  Like its Austen inspiration, it has the predictable brooding hero and the resilient beautiful heroine set in a contemporary setting. The pace is a little slow at first and the secondary characters do not really seem to serve a purpose. However, the two main characters engage in witty banter that will have readers chuckling. Their angst-filled back stories may cause a few tears to trickle down a cheek. The explosive chemistry they experience while trapped together keeps the pages turning. Readers will also enjoy the climatic ending that is truly cinematic!  Ms. Ellen Mint manages to take an inspirational premise and delivers an insightful, melodic story about two people caught up in a blizzard who reach for the love ballad their two hearts sing!

Tonya Mathenia