Powerplay: Northbrook Hockey Elite

Heather B. Moore, Sophia Summers,
Rebecca Connelly

Jax Emerson is the left wing forward for the Chicago Flyers, a pro hockey team.  When he discovers his wealthy father is responsible for his career, he is so thrown by the information that he walks out in front of a car and is hit.  Meghan Bailey was driving that car, and is devastated. She spends the day at the hospital waiting to hear how he is doing. When things calm down, she introduces herself.  They end up spending time together and get to know each other through texts and phone calls.  Meg owns a boutique that is having some financial difficulties, so naturally Jax’s father assumes Meg has ulterior motives for being around Jax. 

Jax has a strong band of friends from his days with the Northbrook Hockey Elite, and they add brightness to this book.  His rapport with each of them adds background context to this story.  Jax is tired of being controlled by his father, and is trying to shake free.  Meg has pure motives, and a smaller, but still potent band of supporters.  It doesn’t take long for these two to find the best in each other.  

This is a sweet story with clearly defined motives for each protagonist.  Their relationship remains innocent throughout, which seems somewhat unrealistic considering it is a professional hockey team, strongly supported in the Chicago area. The reader is left hoping for more interaction between these characters and within their friend groups.  Nevertheless, the pace is compelling without feeling rushed, and the story is populated with many likeable characters.  

Carey Sullivan