Power to Love

J. Margot

Karen Gallagher is a dedicated environmental lawyer and has never lost a case for her law firm. Even so, she has just been overlooked for a promotion and to add insult to injury, her biggest rival in the court room has just been made partner. Furious and exhausted, she makes a spontaneous decision to vacation in Key West. Contrary to her usual workaholic and extremely organized self, this new and impulsive Karen is doing all kinds of crazy things like meeting sexy Cash Power on the plane and staying with him at his newly inherited Key West mansion. When attraction becomes something else she faces the hardest decision: returning to her old structured life or throwing caution to the wind and following her heart.

If a romance with plenty of flirtation and teasing is one's cup of tea, this story will hook one in rather early. The attraction between Karen and Cash is a strong lure, with a lot of honesty and candor shown from their very steamy (to downright raunchy) sex scenes to their emotional moments, with one inevitably growing to like them. Although Cash has a rough dreaminess about him, more exploration into his back story a little earlier on would have enhanced his character and added more depth. There is some repetition and occasional contradictions and while the vacation romance cliché falls into place a little too easily, it is a nice soothing contemporary story over all, which nestles in the familiar for romance readers.

Margaret Faria