Pour Attitude (The Starkford Series, Book 3)


Madeline Everly, Mads to friends and family, has had too many things go wrong in her life lately, leaving her single, paying half of the rent for an apartment she can no longer live in, and sleeping on the couch in her sister’s one bedroom cottage… not to mention the lousy job she has at the only realtor’s office in town where she’s treated as nothing more than a pretty face by her chauvinistic boss and her coworkers. Her attraction to bartender Exel is driving her crazy, especially as she knows its reciprocated at least a little, but she can’t understand why Exel won’t just let her climb him like a tree. Exel Kinley, sex-on-a-stick bartender is losing his mind trying to fight his attraction to Mads that he just can’t act on when there’s so much on the line. There’s more going on in Starkford than meets the eye.

Fans of the Starkford series will thoroughly relish this latest addition to the series! Readers who are new to the series may find some references are not completely clear as they refer to happenings from the previous stories. Madeline is a spunky, strong character who definitely knows how to keep life interesting, although some of her actions early on in the story seem immature and make it hard to like her at first. Exel is a sexy mystery that will leave readers wanting to know more about him and what he’s up to. The intrigue and mysterious happenings add some edge-of-one’s-seat tension, and secondary characters add depth and fun to this tale and will leave readers having loved their visit to Starkford!

Piper Valentine