Poppy Pops the Question

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Lately, it seems to Poppy like she simply can’t find the time to do something she wants. Ever since her sister had a baby, Poppy has been incredibly busy taking care of her sister’s hat shop. Not to mention that she’s often the designated babysitter. And then she meets Rufus, a handsome and charming man, who does tend to push her buttons, but in a good way. If only things were different and she could be with him. For his part, Rufus is incredibly charmed by Poppy – while she can be exasperating, she is also everything he could want in a woman. If only their relationship could be possible.

The story certainly has a great start. Rufus and Poppy’s first meeting was amazing and charming. However, things don’t continue to be so. The entire plot is based on a couple of misunderstandings, ones that could have been cleared up much faster. As things stand, it is exasperating. Not to mention it contributes to Poppy not being so likeable – her doubts, her hot and cold behavior are not attractive. And yet, she and Rufus do make a cute couple. All in all, a story that could’ve been a lot more enjoyable were it for a different problem at its core.

Ana Smith