Poll Dancer (Push and Pole Book 1)


CHICK-LIT/ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Mel is a fitness instructor, but it is definitely not yoga. She teaches pole fitness, which is essentially what pole dancers do, except Mel and her students are not naked. Mel promotes her class by making online videos. One night, in the middle of filming, her ex-boyfriend crashes her condo, and Mel ends up with her butt on the floor. The video goes viral, and the next day, protestors in the community cost Mel her livelihood. But she is not going down without a fight. She decides to run for the open senate seat in opposition to the candidate who is determined to outlaw her profession. When her campaign manager turns out to be a man she cannot resist, Mel’s life spins out of control.

Fun and fast-paced, this romantic comedy is certainly different. Although Mel’s character is fairly well developed, we do not get to know much about Daniel, her campaign manager, other than seeing the sparks between him and Mel. An issue of credibility arises when, although Mel has a degree in political science, we realize she has no real interest in politics at all—or in winning the senate seat, other than to secure her own future teaching pole. The story would have gained strength if one saw more of Mel’s commitment to her political future. The relationship development between her and Daniel is also rushed and insubstantial. Watching her spar with her image consultant in the process of a drastic makeover, however, is extremely entertaining. Witty prose and a healthy dose of humor combine to make “Poll Dancer” a light and enjoyable read!

FS Brown