A Poker Game of Love


Sylvia and James have had an ongoing understanding about their relationship for many years now and it works for them. They currently live in New York, but both are from Fargo, ND. When James is in the mood, he just has to say the word and Sylvia is there for him. They both have had many other encounters and relationships but theirs is a comforting love and attraction that has history with no strings attached. Late night rendezvous or online encounters seem to keep them satisfied. When Sylvia meets George and James meets Karen, this changes the game and the rules significantly. Can the high-maintenance girl get her dream life? Will the musician be able to get Sylvia out of his system?


Ms. Walsh has an interesting way of showing us the dysfunctional ways of many relationships in A Poker Game of Love. The manipulation and emotional tug-of-war that take place between the four main characters could be real-world scenarios that most readers will find relatable. There were some editing and proofing errors early on and some of the conversations seemed drawn out. As the story progresses there are a couple of sticky situations but if Ms. Walsh could add a dramatic scene or a suspenseful situation it might add more meat to the story and give readers more to sink their teeth into.


Julie Caicco