Playing for Love at Deep Haven (Enchanted Places #1)


To be a heavy-metal songwriter that travels with the bands sounds like a dream come true. It was for Zach - the keyword being WAS.  When he takes off from his heavy-metal writing to write what he loves, he finds himself alone with the last person he ever thought he would see, let alone live with. The one woman that holds his heart, the one he hurt deeply, Violet. 


Violet needs time away, so she can write the sequel to the very book that keeps her going.  But when she arrives at her get-away house, she soon finds she is not the only one that needed time away. The problem is, it’s the one man on earth she never wants to see again, or is he? 


In “Playing for Love at Deep Haven”,  readers follow the journey of two people as they unwillingly share a house, and learn once again to trust, forgive, and most importantly love. Neither Zach nor Violet want to be with the other at first.  Soon though, Zach finds this may be his last chance of ever having the love of his life. When he turns up the heat Violet is not so sure she wants to warm up -  well, at least her mind says no, but her body says yes. It becomes a little tedious watching the struggle go back and forth between them, time and again, but it does pick up as the steam gets hot and the love begins to burn! 


Melody Prat