Playing With Destiny (Latin Heat Trilogy #3)


Christian and Destiny are at different points in their lives- but each of their journeys have them signing up for an online dating service. This one is unusual, however, in that they arrange informal settings for meeting in a group.  Christian and Destiny meet meet at a cooking class. Their instant chemistry is off the charts hot, but only one of them decides that it should last for longer than a fling.


Hitting it off instantly and so well is an unusual thing for both characters, and though the bedroom scenes are quickly entered into, before anything happens, these two do actually talk to each other.  This sets up a series of discussions about life, backgrounds, and desires for the future that is often missing in stories of “Love at First Sight.” The use of instant attraction and explosive sexual compatibility is not an uncommon writing tool, but a small amount of time spent together doesn’t realistically move the relationship into one that could last. Much of the story of their deciding long term or not, is done separately, and in their own musings, and in a very, very short amount of time. Though done well, and in a way that feels natural, the progression is too rushed. Destiny is a wonderfully complex and rich character, but there needed to be just as much depth to Christian, himself an incredible, yet true to life man. For the short length of the book, Ms. Escalera does a marvelous job of pulling readers into their love story.


Julie York