Playing Cupid (Heavenly Bites Novella #3)

Christine S.

For Aimee Beasley living with Grams is a joy, and a choice she has happily made; even if it means being Grams favorite project - as in trying to fix Aimee up with every available bachelor in the neighborhood. Aimee knows Grams means well and is anxious to return the romantic favor when Grams shows an interest in an elderly gentleman visiting their apartment building. She even pushes through her comfort zone to do so when she discovers the gentleman is related to the most sour of downstairs neighbors, Doyle Berkley, a stogy college history professor.


Feldman’s novella doesn’t feel short with its limited pages, but unhurried and real in its plot and characterizations. Though some things due to the novella form require brevity, Feldman’s dialogue is just enough to convey the feelings of the characters. Her pace is smooth for the genre, a major plus while dealing with conflict and wrapping up the details. The only short coming to this delightful tale is the possible need for tighter editing, but even that is minor. Feldman manages her word usage well, even providing a short and interesting history lesson for the unsuspecting romance reader without boring him/her with details. Some readers may even come away with an interest in history that they didn’t have before. A definite add to any must read list!


Shaunna Gonzales