Play with My Heart (Southland Romance Book 1)


Liz Baker enjoys her quiet life. She does not long for the limelight but is a true Southern gal and finds herself unable to say no to someone in need. Ian Clarke, a British TV star, refuses to let anyone or anything come between him and his goal to make it in Hollywood. That is, until he meets the unpretentious Liz. Forced into close quarters they each find something neither thought they needed. When years of hurt pass and everyone has all but given up on the two ever finding happiness again, a small someone opens each of their hearts.  


Play with My Heartis a heartwarming story that is written with a plot that keeps its reader guessing, and characters that are enjoyable and frustrating all at the same time. Its a fun read that keeps the reader searching for more. Liz and Ian mirror people that readers can recognize either in themselves or in friends or family. And, with such a well-developed cast of characters it easy to imagine who will have their story told next. Ms. White is not an author to leave the reader hanging out on a limb; she wraps up the story of Liz and Ian perfectly and leaves a smile on the readers face. Play with My Heart is a four and a half star book because its as frustrating as it is fascinating and leaves the reader wanting more.


Mary-Nancy Smith