The Pizza Guy from Beachside (The Beachside Boys)


“The Pizza Guy from Beachside” is the first book in Author Piper Malone’s new series, The Beachside Boys. A modern retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, this quirky romantic comedy pits rival pizza shops against one another. The Cusano and Martaluchi families have been fighting over who has the best pizza for years. When rumors hint that the elderly Gus Martaluchi may be retiring, Zeke Cusano is ecstatic. He’ll now be the king of pizza on this small town, beachside, boardwalk. Everything is perfect until Heidi Martaluchi walks into his life and throws him for a loop. Will they be able to hide their growing attraction from their families? Or, will an unlucky encounter reveal their romance before they’re ready?

First of all... pizza. Top it with some wonderfully entertaining characters, and some laugh-out-loud situations, and readers are sure to be enamored. Zeke and Heidi are perfect for one another. Both are ambitious, with their futures all planned out. The sweet moments between them are swoon worthy in an understated sort of way. However, both characters are smart enough to keep their romance a secret, at least until they can figure out a way to end the ongoing feud between their families. The supporting characters, especially the grumpy Gus Martaluchi, and the way he fights Heidi’s every attempt to modernize his restaurant, will tickle the funny bone. Zeke’s Nana is equally adorable and both grandparents add the perfect comedic touch to an already well-written book. The story was complete and not the least bit hindered by the shorter novella length. For those readers who enjoy a quick, yet entertaining, beach read, this is the book you want to get.

N.E. Kelley