Pink Slips and Glass Slippers


Both Brooke Hart and Chase Allman are smart, savvy business people.  When Chase's company buys Brooke's, he also becomes her boss. Their mutual attraction causes a few hiccups in what should be a strictly businesslike relationship. When greedy, jealous colleagues and unethical bosses start wreaking havoc on the company they work for, these two have to make some life-altering decisions. Meanwhile, Brooke is still dealing with the death of her husband and high school sweetheart, and Chase is trying to be both a brilliant CEO and a wonderful father to his three year old son.

This is a multilayered story filled with deeper issues than simple romance. Chase and Brooke deal with ethical issues regarding their jobs while also trying to overcome their pasts and accept their present. These two don't get a lot of time together for quite awhile. There are a lot of extra filler pages that don't necessarily move the plot forward and at times, became quite monotonous. Some of the characters' sentimentalities are a bit old-fashioned, but that actually added a sweetness to this romance that is sometimes lacking. Chase and Brooke both start on fairly equal ground. As their lives are inevitably drawn to one another's, the reader gets to know them as real people and not just as a possible couple. Overall, this was an engaging story. Their story is one of self-discovery in midlife, of adjusting to circumstances that are out of your control, and finding out what makes a person not only happy, but content with their life.

Nicole Duke